Great Hall Cathedral
Ulm, Germany

Construction of this Gothic cathedral began in 1377 and was completed in 1890. The spire is the world's tallest at 161 m (528 ft) high.

Cathedral of Spain

Building of this, the world's third largest cathedral, started in 1402 and was finished in 1519.

St. Peter and Paul's Church
Prague, Czech Republic

Originally Romanesque, it was remodeled in the 14th century into a Gothic structure. Later, it underwent further alterations to Renaissance and Baroque styles, until finally, in 1885-1887, it was transformed into its current Neo-Gothic architecture. The Church holds the stone Romanesque casket of a number of Czech Kings from the 12th century.

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Kostel sv. Frantiska (St. Francis Church) is a Baroque Church built from 1679-1689. Its unique dome is painted with frescoes by VV Reiner, and in its right side chapel there’s an interesting Virgin statue from 1483. Mozart played the organ here.

Playing at Wyoming Seminary Prep
Kingston, Pennsylvania
about 1968

Organ of Memorial Chapel
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Built by Charles Fisk
Gloucester, Massachusetts
1967, Op. 46

Playing the Fisk Organ
Harvard University

with Dylan Moore
about 1980